Thursday, June 7, 2007

Vancouver Cycling

Riding a bicycle in Vancouver is a joy. The slopes can give you a nice workout at times, followed by an exciting race downhill again. The cars on the road are really courteous. They are really mindful of the cyclists. As a cyclist here, you go with the main traffic. There are some bike lanes, but often you will find yourself among the fast traffic. So in some ways it resembles riding a motorcycle in Europe. The traffic is pretty efficient as well. I don't understand why there is no congestion downtown, as it is full of high-rise buildings, so it must accommodate millions of people. A true mystery. I checked out the neighbourhood of Keefer Place. I'm not to sure about it. It is closer to the bad parts of town than Beach Ave is. This morning I got my social insurance number from HRSDC.


BRASTO said...

...a true mystery..? check the width of the lanes, check the number of lanes, see the 4-way stops, see the square grid type of road layout and compare to the average dutch town to understand.

..en heb je al een handyman voor je PS3 ?

Nigel said...

And, how efficient is public transport out there?

In Holland we have more square miles in cars then in tarmac, so when everyone drives out at the same time about all the road there is would be filled by cars :)

Robert Belleman said...

Good to see you've made it in one piece. I hope you'll do as well getting settled over there.

Sorry to hear about your PS3, but I suppose that's standard office equipment where you're working, right?

Bram said...

Hmm... square road layout makes sense then. I have not tried public transport yet, other than the water taxi, which is a little toy-boat over the false creek. The std equipment here is a PS/3 dev-kit, but I wanted to have my PS/3 in my appartment, so I would have internet browsing there. SARA took my PDA :-(

Anonymous said...

Hoi Bram... als wij mettertijd naar Vancouver komen, dan gaan we ook beslist op de fiets de stad leren kennen.
We hebben dan aan jou een goede gids!
Alle goeds, liefs, Els

P.s. Ben ik de enige die niet in het Engels schrijft? Ik moet er helaas te vaak voor in het woordenboek duiken.

Joep said...

He Bram,

Ik heb je log doorgemaild naar een Canadese die net in Nederland is komen wonen werken. Stel je eens voor dat jij nu 3 avonden in de week naar school moet om integratiecursus te doen!!

Dus je zit in Vancouver, ik heb ook over die brug gefietst (onderaan op de camping gestaan). Je moet beslist ff de Old Spaghetti Factory uitproberen, vet goeie tent.
Stom he dat je daar een helm opmoet bij het fietsen.
Heb je je motor ook laten overkomen?
Waar heb je je appartement eigenlijk?

Maaruhh dus je zit er al, heb ik de afscheidsparty gemist?

Have fun, LTR Joep