Friday, October 19, 2012

Useful software

This post is mainly a reminder for myself, and contains a list of essential software I use frequently. If I ever need to install a virgin Macintosh, I can refer to this.

  • graphviz so that Doxygen can use 'dot'.
  • doxygen so that I can make sense of large convoluted code bases.
  • inkscape my tool of choice for designing 2D artwork.
  • GIMP my tool of choice for WYSIWYG image manipulation.
  • NetPBM my tool of choice for command line image manipulation.
  • ImageMagick for when NetPBM doesn't cut it.
  • FFMpeg for video manipulation on the command line.
  • Grandperspective for finding those large files that clutter up your disk drive.
  • Kerkythea for state of the art rendering using Photon Maps.
  • Wings3D My overall favorite software. When I'm modelling in Wings3D I am happy.