Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2012 and 2013 goals.

So, this post is verbatim from an old forum posting. On this old forum, it was tradition to set goals for the year, share them with the board community, and evaluate afterwards. is down today, and I suspect it may be gone forever now. Readership was dwindling, spam was a plague, so I think it will be dead, if not now, soon. So let's preserve my goals here on my own blog.

The goals I set for 2012:
  • Add support for this awesome input device to the little crane that could for MacOSX.
  • Maintain my 2011 income (had a very good year).
  • Release my first Android Game.
  • Release an update for Hover Biker.
  • New level for the little crane that could iOS version.
  • Port the little crane that could to Android.
  • Attend GDC.

It is amazing, but I hit all my goals. Maybe it is true what they say about: writing down goals make them come true. Although I did cheat a tiny bit: 'Port Little Crane to Android' and 'Publish Android Game' were originally intended to be separate games, but meh.

For 2013 I will:
  • Publish an OUYA game.
  • Hit 30K OUYA downloads.
  • Hit 10M downloads (cumulative over all platforms, all years) for Little Crane That Could.
  • Maintain 2012 income.
  • Reach 750 followers on Twitter.
  • Publish my first multiplayer game.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ethics, not octane

I wonder what would happen if we stopped selecting Octane Numbers at the gas pump. Instead, we pay a premium for fuel that is guaranteed not to fund oppressive regimes. Maybe I am naive, but I think it could solve so many problems. That is why I built the ethics-not-octane website. This could solve so many problems.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mad Carpentry Skillz

I inherited my grandfather's carpentry skills, it seems. With a little coaching from my father I managed to build this mean looking stainless steel kitchen in my basement. The parts come mainly from IKEA supplemented with a few Home Depot parts. Water, drainage and vents are self installed as well. If you want to build one like this yourself, look into IKEA's AKURUM line with RUBRIK stainless steel finishing. It is quite time consuming, and I now know why kitchen installs are so expensive. It is simply a whole lot of work. The IKEA parts are quite clever though, and make such a project doable for a handy amateur. A big thanks to my father for all the coaching.