Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday I had my first flight in C-ISLA, or as we call it "India Sierra Lima". It is a high powered ultra light with state of the art avionics. It was more difficult than I expected. There is so much you need to control simultaneously. If you concentrate on keeping one of altitude, course, airspeed steady, the other two are likely to veer off. I did three approaches on a grass strip and then the instructor landed it back at the base, or CZBB as we call it. Twice I heard the stall warning go off. But this puppy has excess power, as it is the GSX-R of the ultra lights. Most important thing I learned yesterday: the throttle is used to control altitude, not so much your speed. Also, if you "floor" it, the plane yaws to the left and the nose pitches up. The rudder is more dominant than stick (elevator + aileron) control.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blik op de weg

Toch wel jammer dat ze in Canada geen Koefnoen hebben. Maar ja, grappen over files zullen ze niet snappen hier, want die zijn er niet zo veel. Mijn les vliegtuig is eindelijk gerepareerd: morgen heb ik een vliegles.