Friday, June 15, 2007

BC Lions Game

This evening, I will witness my first game of Football, North American style. The company had four tickets to spare, and I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm excited to see what it is like, and my findings will be put on this blog at a later time. About my broken PS/3: Sony US refuses to repair it, as it is a Japanese model. Sony Japan does not take repairs from outside Japan. This means I will have to fix it myself. I have not been able to open up the console, because it uses a Security Torx. Its a Torx screw with an additional center pin that prevents standard Torx drivers to be used. I ordered a set of Security Torx drivers from Amazon. Let's hope I will manage to fix the darn thing.


Brasto said...

Ik heb begrepen dat het leukste aan American Football de Commercial Breaks zijn ? Je moet trouwens goed in Yards kunnen schatten....ik zal je verrekijkertje inpakken kan je tenminste iets van de Cheerleaders zien..

Die Sony PS3 moet je gewoon even naar NL DSC sturen,

jacco said...

Hm, I thought they would be happy to repair it, since you're now part of the Sony keiretsu! :-)

Anonymous said...

nee hoor, zitten gewoon standaard in de lidl gereedschapset heb ik ook zo'n gek sterretje schroevendraaieropzetstukje met een gaatje in het midden.

Anonymous said...

Like the USA, residential Canada uses 110 volt electrical systems at 60 hertz.

sorry Bram, vergat mijn naam te vermelden
Groet en heel veel succes in het verre westen
Ron Stolk