Monday, January 2, 2012

Walk in the park

Because mommy had a day off today, we were able to make a little walk in the park with Annelies this morning. Annelies enjoyed it very much, and loved playing with doggies and getting attention from the women. Nobody can resist her when she puts on her best smile and start giggling. Annelies is excited about her grandparents visit at the end of this month. We all look forward to seeing them again.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A 1000 soldiers

My explorations of Android Development are starting to find shape. Here is a screenshot from my tablet device showing a lot of the little buggers on the march. Now I have to find a good gameplay mechanic to make directing a small army fun for the player. In my younger years (early 90s) I used to play xbattle on the University's Sun workstations. That was a lot of fun, so it would be an excellent starting point. And I think that a touch interface is a much better fit for an xbattle game than a mouse interface is, so that should give me an edge. The performance is pretty good on the Acer Iconia, despite the modest Tegra2 specifications that don't even include Neon SIMD support.