Saturday, June 9, 2007


Last night I got drunk with ten of my coworkers. It all started at the end of the day, when a keg of beer entered the office. The session continued in a nice bar downtown. The company's talent coordinator has some talents of her own, as she turned out to be quite a party animal. I guess that I was saved by the fact that the Karaoke bars were already closed. When we went looking for one, I was the only one with a bicycle. To my surprise, when the group took a bus, my bike was clamped to the front of the bus. What a great service by the bus company to cyclists. I tried some Canadian specialties, as there are: beer with tomato juice, screech (rum) and a cesar (cocktail, supposedly having up to 20 ingredients). Rumor has it that the company owns seats at GM place, the hockey stadium, so maybe my Canadian assimilation can be completed soon.

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BRASTO said...

Ik heb even de REGULATIONS voor fietsvervoer met de Bus opgezocht; Let Op Motorfietsen mogen niet mee...

Cost: There is no additional cost to carry your bike on the bus or community shuttle bicycle rack.

Capacity: Each bike rack can carry a maximum of 2 bikes.

Times allowed: Bicycles can be loaded onto bike rack equipped buses during all hours of operation.

**You can take your bike on Community Shuttle at any time during daylight hours only.

Restrictions: To fit in the rack, bicycles must have a minimum of a 40cm (16”) diameter wheel.

Motor-powered bikes of any kind are not permitted on the bike racks.

Please note: Some of the busier routes such as to the ferry terminals or along the Broadway corridor may experience congestion on the bike racks.

Loading and Unloading Your Bike
1. Before the bus arrives, remove any items such as water bottles, pumps, panniers, etc.

2. Alert the operator of your intention to load your bike, and then lower the bike rack by pulling on handle (#1).

3. Lift your bike onto rack (#2).

4. Lift the support arm up and over the front tire (#3).

5. Sit at the front and keep an eye on your bike.

6. When leaving the bus, please advise the operator that you need to remove your bike - leave from the front door.

7. Remove your bike and raise the rack to the upright position.

Safety Procedures Always load and unload on the curb side of the street. Never step into oncoming traffic!

Never use a personal lock and/or chain to secure your bike to the bus rack; however, for increased security, you may wish to lock together your bike frame and one of the bike wheels. (If you do, please do so before the bus arrives at the stop).

Always remember to put the rack back into the upright position if it is empty when you remove your bicycle. Bus operators can’t see an empty rack.

Please note: the user is responsible for properly loading and unloading the bike. Neither TransLink nor its operating subsidiaries are liable for any property damage or bodily injury caused by the loading and unloading of the bike.

NOTE: On recently-delivered buses in the Coast Mountain Bus Company fleet, bicycles will not be carried after daylight hours. This is due to a design issue, in which the headlights are obscured when a bicycle is placed on the rack. The manufacturer is currently addressing this problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience.