Monday, June 4, 2007

On Canadian soil

I have left Holland for Canada. Yesterday, I arrived in Vancouver where I will be working with Slantsix games as a developer. I just arrived at the office for the first time (I had my interview via webcam) and met the people here. They are a very friendly bunch. The office atmosphere is nice, and it really feels like a game studio, although there are no segways parked here :-) This morning I bought a bicycle to get around town. Some bad news about my PS/3 console: it died. It survived the shipping, as I had played on it here in Canada yesterday evening. Today, it will not boot up. I hope I can get it fixed. About my new employer: they recently announced SOCOM: Confrontation. I need to hunt for permanent accomodations now (currently I'm on 1600 Beach Ave), and get myself a social security number. The trip from Holland started with engine trouble, and me almost missing the connecting flight from London to Vancouver, but the second leg went very well. The plane landed 30 mins ahead of schedule. The Canadian immigration officer was much better than the Berlin staff. I had my workpermit quickly. So far, jet-lag is mild.


Jaap said...

Hi Bram,

Good to hear that you had a good flight. I hope your PS3 will be fixed soon, otherwise buy a XBOX?? ;) Anyway i hope you have a good time over there and i will try to follow you over here.

The Ghostrider movie will be done next time you are in Holland. Or is your motorbike already in Vancouver as well?

Nigel said...

Ola Bram! :)

Nice to find your renamed blog in my feeds this morning. Good to hear you had a good trip and that the first day at the office went well.

Beach Ave doesn't sound like a punishment either :)

Have a good one buddy, and keep up updated...

Oh, btw: I'm leaving SARA from the first of july... going commercial as advisor/consultant/trainer at a small company.

Warmest regards, Nigel.

Anonymous said...


Good to know that everything is OK so far. Hope things will work out for you there and can't wait to find your first real title in the shops.


BRASTO said...

Mooi, dat werkt dus weer, the blog komt hier netjes binnen. Ja die Canadese taal is even wennen...I feal kon ik niet vertalen, het kan geen typo zijn want die a en e zitten op de qwerty toetsenborden niet bijelkaar....Het is daarentegen inderdaad wel seal en geen seel.

Heb je ook al zo'n leuk helmpje gekocht voor op de fiets ? die Beach blvd lijkt me wel te doen is het overal zo vlak of moet je een Cat 5 berg beklimmen naar je kantoor ?

Je fiets mag naast je buro staan ? of hebben ze daar geen fietsendieven ?

Oh ja die PS3 doos ? wil niet booten, dat hoort normaal te gebeuren als je de stekker in het stopkontakt steekt ? zonder CD erin? dan moet je maar eens denken aan het powersupply dat moet nu na al die tijd ineens op 115 Volt 60Hz zijn werk doen en de elcootjes hebben daar de capaciteit niet meer voor. Probeer hem maar weer eens op 240VAC aan te sluiten. Kan ie ook op een 12 VDC adapter ?