Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Viewing

Today I find myself smack-bang in the middle of the triathlon course. I picked up a newspaper to find an apartment here downtown. I have made an appointment for my first viewing of an apartment. Tomorrow during lunch, I will be checking out Metropolitan Towers. They charge 1400 dollar (1000 euro) for a 1 bedroom apartment. The price sounds not too outrageous, as the going rate for this is between 800 and 2000 dollars, and they claim to be "luxury rental apartments". Housing cost is significant here, but other costs of living seem moderate so far. As long as I have my Lelystad property, I have to keep my costs down though. Especially since I will no longer be enjoying the Dutch mortgage tax reduction. (Stupid idea anyway... encouraging debts, and having 30yr loans that you never pay off, because of the tax incentives).


Brasto said...

Ook in Canada moet je proberen nooit de ""sticker price"" te betalen. Alles is ""negotiable"" evt via de ""manager"". ""The competitor does have a better offer"".. doet het bijna altijd goed.
Succes met de jacht....

real estate in Vancouver said...

Hello. Well, you're probably right that the housing costs are quite high in Canada depending where exactly you live. However, hope you will find a place which will meet all you expectations.

Take care,