Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Applying for a lease

A quick update on my Vancouver experiences. Sony Talks about our game. 'Who are these Slant Six people?' the interviewer asks. Also, I've applied for an apartment lease. It turned out that there was an apartment available in the Beach Tower that I am in now. First week of July, I will move into that one. What really worried me though, was the tale of a British colleague: His UK to BC shipping took 6 months. Uh Oh. The people here tell me that it should be much faster though. The apartment I will be in is unfurnished, so let's hope the Spartan Life will not be too long. Getting the lease was not a simple matter. They really scrutinize you. You need to prove you are worthy, and they want statements from former landlords, employers, and banks. However, they approved me yesterday.


Nigel said...

Hell yeah! congrats Bram!

Brasto said...

En nu maar flink E-Bay raadplegen om dat apartment gevuld te krijgen.

Andree said...

Hi Bram,
congratulations, it sure looks like a nice apartment!
see you soon in Vancouver ;)