Sunday, January 14, 2007

PS/3 goes retro: PONG using the Wiimote

I have hacked together a Python Game, Wiipong/3 (source available), that lets you play pong on the PS/3 using Nintendo's Wiimote. You simply tilt the controller to move the paddle on the screen. The little game builds upon the wiimote driver for linux, called WMD.

This is all possible thanks to the brave new world, which is rapidly becoming an Open World. A few years ago, I could not have predicted that game console manufacturers would be using open standards, and providing Linux kernels. Maybe Indrema was just ahead of its time.

Some details: the action shot shows a Xubuntu desktop, projected at 1080p with a high end DLP projector (Optoma HD-81). The game uses WMD to interface with the wiimote, and PyGame for the 2D graphics. WMD uses the standard Linux bluetooth stack BlueZ. The Wiimote is sold for 40 euros, and makes a nice interface device for any GNU/Linux system.

My thanks go to Robert Belleman who researches Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality. Robert suggested doing this hack.

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