Thursday, January 4, 2007

The adventure begins

It has begun. I just signed off the package that was delivered to me from Japan. I was relieved to find in it, the 0.2 TeraFlop/s supercomputer that they call PS/3. The 20Gbyte model shines in its majestic piano black. The ebay seller was really great. Getting the electrical juice into the beast is easier than I expected: I do not need a JAP/EUR converter, just a regular euro powercable from any old computer will do. The manuals are in Japanese only, so I have to do some googling now, and then I can switch it on. I will report back later.


Jorrit said...

TerraFlop hmz :)

There seems to be a poet hidden behind that mask of computer sciences -- "majestic piano black" <-- lovely

Bram said...

Typo fixed, thanks. The device seems to be fully operational. I just upgraded the firmware to version 1.32.

BRASTO said...

...and all this started 1980 using the ZX81

Johan Stolk said...

Hi Bram!

Great to see you finally made it to Canada! Now start coding those fine C++ algoritms :-)

I'm currently typing this with my brand new Kinesis Advantage keyboard, I love it!

Have a lot of fun and keep us posted on your adventures on the other side of the ocean!