Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jumping Platforms

Getting Yellow Dog Linux installed was a lot of fun. But when I wanted to do some serious development, I quickly became stuck with the yum tool, and managed to damage my dependency tree. At first, I tried Fedora Core 6, but when I had that on my hard disk, I decided that I really wanted apt, and not yum. Debian and Ubuntu have not yet provided PS/3 install disks, but there is this neat little thing called debootstrap.

Using this, I could create an Ubuntu edgy installation on a USB memory stick using Fedora. After booting with the memory stick, the same process installed Ubuntu back onto the hard disk again.

So that means that I'm now apt-getting my way towards a robust, powerful OS on the PS/3. Now it is time to start developing for the Cell Broadband Engine and its powerful SPUs.

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