Friday, January 5, 2007

First gaming experience

The first thing you will want to know with a new toy like this: is the gaming any good? Well, I must admit that my expectations were considerably lowered when reading the reviews on the net. Metacritic is always an excellent source for reviews. From this I learned that the real gems are not there yet. Also it turns out that Call of Duty III on the xbox360 is better than the PS/3 version.

So, where to get the games? As they are not available yet in Europe, I would need to get them from US or Japan. But fortunately, Sony has its own version of Microsoft's XBOX Live Marketplace. Here you can download demos for a lot of games, to get a taste. Downloading a demo is convenient and fast, so I had Motor Storm on my harddisk in no time. Wow!, what a game. It is instantly playable, no learning curve, and brutal action from the get-go. The physics engine makes this game really shine. The physics are accurate, yet adapted for Arcade play. So now I know: even if you get a PS/3 for gaming, instead of getting one for running GNU/Linux, you will still have a great time.

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