Friday, January 5, 2007

The penguin unleashed

This blog entry is written using the Firefox browser that is running on Yellow Dog Linux for the PS/3. Sony has done a good job on making it easy for users to run another OS. Also, Yellow Dog Linux installs right out of the box. The install must be done in text-mode, because I can only run 480i. After the installation is done, the video signal can be configured to do 576i as well. This is one area where Linux does better than Sony's GameOS: the latter will not do 576i due to the fact that my PS/3 was a Japanese edition. The distribution comes with a GCC cross compiler for the SPU units. As I do some work for the OpenDE project, I tried building that. I'm happy to say that OpenDE builds out of the box.


Nigel said...

Hi Bram,

Good that your PS3 is allready in your hands, while it will take about 4 months for the thing to be released in Europe.
I'll subscribe to your feed and make sure to link to your blog from mine ;-)

I wonder how long it will take before you've got OS X running on your PS3 :-)

nouhad said...

Subscribing to your blog. This is really interesting stuff. Please keep the posts coming