Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Release

My Open Sourced hobby project, Stormbaan Coureur, is getting more and more polished. I've added high tech suspension and real time shadow mapping. To promote the upcoming release, which I dubbed the holiday release, I have created a rock video. The rock was composed and performed by my good friend Johan Stolk. So turn up the volume of your speakers, and play the video. Pay attention to the detailed independent double wishbone suspension and the leaf springs. And Johan... you rock! UPDATE: Version 2.0.0 has been released.


Brasto said...

Nu nog wat doorzichtig koetswerk er op en je kunt de CAMARO presenteren....maar als ondersteunend muziekje dan liever iets van J.S (Johan Straus) ipv J.S (Johan Stolk)

jacco said...

I agree, it needs a chassis!
How about that buggy in Moon Patrol?!?

jacco said...

Ah, nice suspension on that buggy! :-)