Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hover bikes

I have been collecting some images of hover bikes strewn about the net. Below is what I came up with. I am toying with the idea of doing a racing game, perhaps with pod racers or hover bikes. I doubt that I have the artistic talent to model a good one, so I may have to get myself one on commission. Drop me a line if you can do something like this in Wings3D at low polygon count.

Hover bike by Mr Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon

Hover bike by Serrge

Spitfire by Joe Ulibarri

Hover bike by C Goddard

Hover bike by ershov

Hover bike by Zack Fowler

Hover bike 'ridon' by Ivan Tantsiura


Bram Stolk Sr said...

..en ik heb altijd gedacht dat jij een binding had met HOT WHEELS...

Het wordt dus nu een HOOVERCRAFT voorzien van een stuur, of kan zo'n ding in jouw virtuele wereld ook enige altitude bereiken?

jacco said...

Uhoh... the wrath of George Lucas' lawyers will soon be upon thee!

Maar even serieus, ik zou de benaming 'pod racer' vermijden want ongetwijfeld is dat een trademark van Lucas...