Friday, March 20, 2009

So that's what it's like!

Yesterday I had 0 fillings in my mouth. When I was in the army at age 23, I still had perfect teeth. From then on I stopped going to the dentist. 15 years later I saw one again, in Vancouver. He helped me heal my gums, and then started work on the decay. As of this morning, I have 8 fillings in my mouth, and a whole lot less dollars on in the bank :-) I hope the insurance will repay most of it. I was quite nervous, but did not feel much because of the anesthetic. So now I know what it is like to have a drill to your teeth.


Anonymous said...

Wat een mijlpaal! Valt nog mee: 23 - 39 jaar: slechts 8 vullingen.
Wees maar zuinig op je gebit. Heeft Amy je zover gekregen?
Zo ja, knap gedaan door haar. Mij is het niet gelukt.
A drill to your teeth: ach het is maar even toch! :-) keep smiling.

jacco said...

So Amy did not buy your "ouwe kaas" theory, eh? :-)

Are these white (ceramic) fillings? Anaesthetics and dentists have improved a lot over a generation. I don't know about your parents but mine had a dentist nothing short of a butcher!

Bram Stolk said...

Het wordt tijd dat die wetenschappers zich eens verdiepen in de mogelijkheden om een derde generatie gebit te verkrijgen.
Dus na de melktandjes, het puber gebit en dan nog eens het volwassen gebit