Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Northern Sights

My friend Goran has took the time to put a selection of images up on his photo album. It gives a good impression of what we encountered at our epic road trip to Northwest Territories. I do not have a camera myself, so I think that I either have to buy one or build one. So far, I have been depending on Amy and Goran to document my trips. When I was 7 years old, I built my own pin hole camera, and had my own darkroom for developing B&W pictures. In my late twenties, I enjoyed shooting with a film based SLR. Everything was manual, and you had to keep logs of shutterspeed/diaphragm/lens of each photo you took, and only weeks later you could see what you did wrong or right.

1 comment:

Els said...

Wat een prachtige fotoreportage.
Goeie fotograaf. En wat een indrukwekkende natuur. Dat is wat we hier missen: ruimte en uitgestrekte ongerepte natuur.