Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlie Foxtrot Whisky Alpha Pappa

This is your captain speaking. Today I had my first flying lesson in Canada. I had one in Lelystad earlier, in a Cessna. This time, I flew a Diamond DA20-A1. My instructor Aaron did the landing and take off, but I did the aerobatics (oh, ok, turning left and right, going up and down) and some taxying.

I signed up for ground school, which starts tomorrow. I had to choose between a private pilot license, and a ULV license. With the former you can fly to the USA, and take more than 1 passenger. However, I think that ULV will suffice. Also, the ULV craft that the school owns is much more modern: a brand new state of the art aircraft. So I think I will go with the Evektor Sportstar instead. Getting a license seems to be much easier here than it is in the Netherlands, and pretty affordable. The airport I will be using is half an hour drive from my home. However, CZSB is one of the busiest airports in Canada.

After 25 hours of flight, I hope to get certified, so I can rent a plane, and fly to the Yukon Territories with Amy. It will probably take some persuasion, as she is scared of small aeroplanes.


Anonymous said...

gaaf man lekker vliegen
vlieg je dan ook ff naar holland?
echt leuk zal zeker vele dollars kosten he
groetjes kim en robbert

Bram Stolk said...

Lijkt me geweldig voor zo'n groot land. Lekker vliegen ipv. uren in die auto rijden. Raampje open en het is alsof je op de Suzuki zit maar dan op 1500 Ft. Nou als je nog les moet hebben in IFR of VFR dan zeg je het maar.
Heel belangrijk zijn de dingen waar je NIETS aan hebt:
1. Runway Behind you
2. Altitude Above you
3. Airspeed Below minimal
Volhouden dus en zorg even dat je qualified bent als we weer naar Canada komen!!

Amy said...

Hell will freeze over before I get into a small plane. I'll drive and meet you in Whitehorse.

jacco said...

Fortunately you brought the manual with you, I see... :-)