Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No turn on red

Damn! And again, I failed my motorcycle test. Here is Canada, you can turn right even if traffic lights are red. It takes getting used to for a Dutchman. However, turning right on red is not always allowed. In Richmond BC, I encountered this sign when doing my test. I failed to see the sign. On a positive note: doing the test is pretty cheap. I payed 50 dollar, which gets you: one car to follow you, one driver for that car, and one examiner that is a passenger in the following car. Two people, one car for one hour and it only costs you 50 dollars. Wages must be low.


Brasto said...

Auww, dat zal je gevoel van eigenwaarde wel even een knauw geven. Turn Right on Red (Behalve als er een bordje staat dat het niet mag)
Ik meen me te herinneren dat in Texas zelfs linksafslaan bij een Roodlicht was toegestaan. Het had iets te maken met een Oneway street of zo...

Amy said...

There is an expression here:

"Third time's a charm"

You'll get it soon :)


jacco said...

It takes getting used to for a Dutchman.

Come on, be a sport, Bram :-) You missed the sign!

Luc said...

D'oh ! I'm glad I got my (car) license by mutual exchange agreement between France and Illinois state (I just showed my french license).

Do you also have the "no right turn on red between 7AM and 7PM" sign ?


Bram said...

hey Luc!

How are you?
Well.. we've got signs that are even worse than that: "No left turn, Mon-Fri 9am-6pm"

And guess what... traffic is heaviest on Saturday.

Stopping left turns does improve flow though...