Saturday, April 12, 2008

Road Trip

The American North West is a beautiful place. That is why Amy and I chose it as the rough destination for our road trip. We had a 4 day weekend, and wanted to unwind. The variety of landscapes in Washington alone is impressive. The weather varied just as much. We had a hot sun, heavy rain, hail and show. It depends on which side of the mountains you are on. And the most impressive thing of all: we had a direct hit by a Dust Devil. It looks like a small tornado. The path of it crossed the path of the car, and the timing was exactly right. BANG on the hood of the car. It was less scarier than it sounds though. At first we tried to cross the mountain range at the far north in the US. However, after driving up the mountain, we had to go back again, due to a closed road. The map said "closed in winter". I guess April 5 is winter in these parts. In the first night we stayed in Wenatchee. The second day we visited Spokane. It is a very beautiful city. Check out that awesome bridge. Also we took a picture of Abe and Abe. We spent the night in Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. The last night was in Yakima. Don't go there, it is boring, and you cannot find any restaurants there. The roads were awesome. There are a lot of back roads, most of them with no traffic on them. It really helps me relax driving there.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fantastisch, zo'n trip. Mooie foto's gemaakt: geeft goed beeld van de omgeving, waar jullie reden. Een dust devil is toch ook bijzonder, echt on-Hollands.
Volgende trip met de motor? Dan maar veel "no traffic-roads" nemen!
Veilig en relaxed. Els

jacco said...

I followed this story about a year ago. A family had spent Thanksgiving in Seattle and were on their way home. The road should have been closed but it was not. They got snowbound and sadly the father died while trying to get help.

Amy said...

I had a great time on the trip with you! So many landscapes in such a small area...mooi! Look forward to future road trips with you :x