Sunday, November 11, 2007

My first Hockey game

Courtesy of Shawna, I attended my first hockey game. It was between the Vancouver Giants and the Prince George Cougars. It's not the big NHL, but a lower league game. Yet, over 6000 people attended it. I was rooting for the cougars, but the Giants fans you see in the picture had more to cheer for. They won with 7 to 4 goals. I blame the ref who was favouring the home team. See in the photo how shameless commercialism is taking over the noble game. During recess, little kids battled it out on the ice.


Brasto said...

Wat doen wij het hier dan lekker eenvoudig...onze clubs heten gewoon NEC-NAC-PSV-AZ-ADO etc.

Moet je in Canada komen daar zijn ze heel wat strijdbaarder met namen zoals de Giants, Lions, Tigers en Gougars.
Het geweld zit hier kennelijk in de spelers en niet bij de toeschouwers.....

Eigenlijk heb ik geen idee wat er in de RUST op het NL voetbalveld te zien is...zo'n grote boodschappenkar heeft toch wel iets.

Amy said...

Aww, the ref wasn't biased towards the home team. You are just upset that your team lost, that's all. At least you now have a feel for the same, so you will be prepared for your Canucks game this week. I will admit that the sponsorship at the game was completely over the top. I doubt that they are generating that income just to make ends meet. I suspect that it's the owners being greedy and trying to make a dollar everywhere.