Monday, October 15, 2007

The Environment

Saving the environment is easy. We just need to drop our 70s paranoia about nuclear energy. In a few decades, the world energy problem will be solved by nuclear fusion. ITER is working hard to make that happen. A few fusion plants in the world will suffice to power the everything in a clean manner, without radio active waste. Until that time, the cleanest way to power our society is by using nuclear fission reactors. Although this produces radio-active waste, it produces no carbon dioxyde. We use the energy from these plants to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. With the hydrogen, we can power our industries, our homes, and our cars. It looks like Iceland will be the first economy that can transform into a fully sustained hydrogen powered society.

Alternative fuels are a lot easier to use than the average North American might think. For instance, in the Netherlands, I fueled my Chevy Camaro with LPG, which is mainly Propane. This web log was brought to you by the Blog Action Day initiative.

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jacco said...

Vandaag in de krant: "LPG-rijder vergaat het lachen na hogere prijs. LPG is de afgelopen 4 jaar gestegen van 38 cent naar 62,8 cent per liter, "mede veroorzaakt door de stijging van de olieprijs. Een verhoging met 80%, terwijl benzine en diesel respectievelijk met 30 en 40% omhoog gingen". Met name sneu voor mensen die een paar jaar terug een LPG-installatie hebben laten inbouwen. Overigens kan de krant niet rekenen want ik kom uit op een stijging van 65%, en niet 80%.