Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mad Carpentry Skillz

I inherited my grandfather's carpentry skills, it seems. With a little coaching from my father I managed to build this mean looking stainless steel kitchen in my basement. The parts come mainly from IKEA supplemented with a few Home Depot parts. Water, drainage and vents are self installed as well. If you want to build one like this yourself, look into IKEA's AKURUM line with RUBRIK stainless steel finishing. It is quite time consuming, and I now know why kitchen installs are so expensive. It is simply a whole lot of work. The IKEA parts are quite clever though, and make such a project doable for a handy amateur. A big thanks to my father for all the coaching.

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Linette said...

Very nice!
Dat hebben 'jullie' goed gedaan!
Groetjes vanuit Heemskerk en de komende 3 dagen Terschelling ;), Linette en de mannen.