Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: the year of the crane.

The Chinese may call it the year of the dragon. However, I hereby proclaim 2012 to be the year of the crane. And I should say: specifically the year of the Little Crane. In the year 2012 alone, The Little Crane That Could was downloaded more than 5 million times. Thank you gamers!

2012 2011
iOS 3454K 1550K
Android 1656K -
Mac 81K -

Christmas day was by far the best day for Little Crane on iOS, where it hit 23K free downloads and 1.5K purchases of the premium version that day alone.

I can also report that this year 42K people have bought the Little Crane World Editor. This makes 2012 an amazing year, exceeding the goals I set a year ago. And for the sake of completeness: Hover Biker saw 315K downloads, and A Blocky Kind of Love saw 97K downloads.

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Bram Stolk Sr said...

Eindelijk weer eens een Blog report dat ik begrijp, Nu maar wachten op de aanslag Inkomsten Belasting.
Heb je al een analys gemaakt waarom of TLCTC zoveel beter scoort dan bijv Biker of Blocky?