Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today, my Fujifilm X100 digital camera with an hybrid viewfinder arrived from Ontario. This fine piece of equipment comes in a jewelry box, no less. I'm very anxious to test it out, but am currently waiting for the battery to charge before I can begin flashing the firmware and then shoot my first picture. While my battery charges, I was looking into purchasing a second battery as backup. Shopping for batteries is a bit like shopping for an HDMI cable: there are huge price differences for the same model battery. Now with HDMI cables I know that the cheapest cable is just as good as the overpriced rip offs. With batteries, I actually do not know. Here are two pictures of the same NP95 battery. One costs $10 and the other costs $54. Should I get the original one from fuji? Or is the replacement battery just as good? Who knows. I do know that the Dutch consumer report 'de consumentenbond' once tested non-rechargeable batteries and found out that batteries from Ikea were by far the best buy you could make: lasted extremely long, and were really cheap. Certainly not a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

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