Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work around for xcode 4.0.1 crash in NSATSGlyphStorage

If you encounter a crash each time you try to load your xcode 4.0.1 project, you may be facing the same xcode4 bug that I experienced. I managed to work around it by deleting a file. From the call stack I gathered that the crash occurred during the layout of the source code editor. So deleting the layout info stopped it from crashing upon start up. if it happens to you, delete the file:



Anonymous said...

hoi bram alles ok? en met annelies? en met amy?
vraagje kan je mij ff n mailtje stuuren ben namelijk al mijn email adressen kwijtgeraakt ivm kloote virus!!!!!
groetjes robbert

James said...

You are a genius! Thanks so much! Been killing me all day