Sunday, January 2, 2011

dear mr Jobs

I just sent an email to Steve Jobs. Hopefully he will respond by telling me that Apple will eat its own dogfood.

Hello mr Jobs,

Nowadays my iPad is my primary device.
I am also an iPad developer, and the problem is that I can not use the developer forums with it.

Using an iPad you can only read the forum, but writing a message is not possible, as the input field of the message body can not be activated.
This has been the case since the iPad was released.
I am totally with you on not letting flash polute the device, but I do not think the forums are using flash.

Could you please put some gears in motion so that developers can use their ipad to write a message on the developer forums?


   Bram Stolk

Sent from my iPad


jacco said...

Have you tried one of the alternative webbrowsers for the iPad? There are alterative browsers, right? (I think I read that Opera was approved by Apple).

Anonymous said...

hey is alles goed gegaan met de terugreis?
kim en ik vonden het harstikke leuk om annelies en amy te ontmoetten
hopelijk komen wij binnenkort ook es richting canada
groetjes robbert en kim

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs just took medical leave again

Edward said...

Totally agree there Bram!