Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As of today, we have a crib in our nursery. Amy and I are getting ready for the big event. We've been attending Pregnancy Classes to prepare for it. I'm still scared, but less so. We've also managed to find a nice stroller. And what do you know... it's Dutch Design optima forma. Many thanks to the grandparents who helped us to buy this fancy smancy stuff. Nothing is too good for this future Dutch Canadian Girl. I guess we'll put the remainder of the baby money into a savings account to pay MIT tuition in 2028. Or will University in Holland still be government paid at that time? Amy insists that I speak Dutch with the baby, and that the baby gets two passports.

So about the baby: a girl, due October 29. But as they told us in Pregnancy Class: there is no due-date, more of a due-month. So secretly I hope on a 10-10-10 baby with a binary birth date. The baby moves around a lot inside Amy, and health checks have been good so far.

- Bramy


Amy said...

Of course I insist that you speak dutch to her-if she learns it from me, she'll never speak it properly :)

I'll make sure she speak proper English and can pronounce "peanuts" properly :x

Bram Stolk said...

So you''ll have your new set of wheels the Dutch designed Bugaboo. Sounds more like Aussies talk to me but you are part of an international community anyway.
I understand it has a single handed pushbar which is easily coverted into a drawbar to fit the hitch of the Suzuki or even better my bicycle...
OK, time is running out. let's see what happens on 10-10-10? Oh men you should have used better planning than shooting for the 29 th.
Grandpa to be....

Anonymous said...

Wat een mooie en lieve foto!
Nu nog veilig in Amy's buik en over een aantal weken in dit wiegje.
We kunnen niet wachten, totdat we haar kunnen zien en knuffelen.
Wordt het een oktober of november kindje? 10-10-10 is wellicht wat te vroeg.
Nu alvast een "happy birthday"
voor kind, mamma en pappa.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Els

Anonymous said...

aftellen....voor je t weet is het de GROTE dag!!!!
ziet er mooi uit het wiegje
ben benieuwd hoe jullie je dochter gaan noemen
groetjes robbert en kim