Monday, January 25, 2010

Permanent Resident

As of this Saturday, Bram is a Permanent Resident of Canada. This means that I no longer need a work permit to live and work here. It's nice that I do not have to worry about visa's or permits now. Permanent Residency is a portal to full Citizenship. However, getting a Canadian passport would mean losing my Dutch passport, so it may make sense to stay a resident instead of upgrading to citizen. Even if it means not voting here in Canada.

In the other news: there is now a FREE version of the little tank that could, aptly named the lite tank that could. Three brand new levels with fun challenges. You can get it at the appstore. I'm curious to see what it will do to the sales of the full version. Hopefully the LITE version is enticing enough to get people hooked on this new concept of Panzer Puzzles. I tried some promotion at the slide to play forums and the forums of touch arcade.


jacco said...

Congratulations! I'll open a bottle of... maple syrup :-)

Bram Stolk said...

En...moet je nu je aanspraken op NL AOW inleveren?
Toch wel een veilig gevoel dat je niet langer zomaar het land kan worden uitgezet. Congrats!!

Bram said...

A bottle of maple syrup... or: put some clamato in your Molson Canadian beer. No kidding: some people here drink beer with tomato juice in it.

Bram said...

AOW gaat per jaar in NL gewoond. Leef je dus half je leven in NL, dan heb je een half AOW. Wat NL pensioen betreft ben ik toch al de klos. Door het samenvoegen van allerlei kleine pensioentjes ben ik veel kwijt geraakt. En het fonds waar het nu staat doet het dramatisch: ABP.

Amber said...

First, when is Tank for Android coming out? Id love to review it on my site My boys miss playing it since we moved to Nexus Ones.

Second, you have to talk to Fred about citizenship. 14 yrs and he still isnt doing it!

Bram said...


I never did any Java programming.
Also... iPad is sexier! You should get an iPad for your kids.

About citizenship: it's OK if you can get dual. Fred can get dual I guess. But losing a EU passport does not make sens to me: it's one of the best you can have I think.

Phil said...
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