Monday, October 5, 2009

Version 4 of 'the little tank that could'.

Version 4 of the little tank that could is now available on iTunes. This version adds two more levels to the game, and has an improved visual look as well. For the new levels, I added support for concave dynamic objects, to make gameplay a little more interesting. For instance, you can now drive your tank inside other objects. Also, there is a skiing level where your little tank will hit the slopes on a snow board. The addition of the new levels brings the total number of levels to eight. The new content will hopefully spark a little renewed interest in the game. It should not be long now before reaching the 1000th customer mark, as the total sales is 928 as of yesterday (Going by the daily sales reports from Apple. Strangely the weekly and monthly don't match up with the daily. I wish Apple would fix this).

Change log for version 4

  • New level: "inner circle" (medium difficulty)
  • New level: "downhill skiing" (medium difficulty)
  • Support for concave dynamic objects
  • Low friction ice surface
  • Glowing vector graphics
  • Level "tube launch 101" improved (higher fps, less exploits)
  • Level "race to the bottom" improved (shortcut closed)
  • Improved parsing of SVG


Bram Stolk said...

Jackpot? Heb je al een relatie aangebracht met de Olympics via dat snowboard? of een interactie via de Olympics countdown clock in Vancouver?
Geweldig en dat allemaal met een ding waarmee je ook nog gewoon mee kunt telefoneren?

Bram said...

Hmm.... an Olympics game is a very good idea. However, any mention of '2010' or 'Vancouver' will probably get lawyers on your ***. There is an app called VAN2010 on the app store though, that looks like a poorly executed amateur project.

Bram Stolk said...

je kan toch zelf die Inshuk digitaliseren en die als hindernis voor de tank opwerpen met bijv. een engeltje dat verschijnt en zegt Undestructable Object try again after .. ... ...(en dan hier de countdownclock laten lopen)

jacco said...

Any chance of a new Youtube video for those unfortunates that seem to be impervious to the Apple Reality Distortion Field? :-)

Does it contain a new soundtrack?

Bram said...

Well the sound track is in the video only, not the game. And yes, a new video might be in place. Also, I was thinking about a in-game lvl editor, but that's gonna require quite some engineering.

Anonymous said...

zeer interessant, bedankt