Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free copy of 'the little tank that could'.

The people at iPhone World are giving away ten free copies of 'the little tank that could'. To enter the draw, just leave a message at this thread. Sales spiked to 100+ two days ago, and the feedback is encouraging. Version 2 so far has not been cracked, and version 3 is currently awaiting review by Apple. Version 3 will boast 6 levels of fun, and a proper game menu that lets you play the levels in any order. Kudos to Sweden, by the way, as most sales have been from Swedish customers so far. Thank you.


kamueller said...

I'm enjoying your game (legally). Is there a way to check the leaderboards online?

Bram said...


The leaderboard is up and running as we speak. Or do you mean a web interface? No, you can only view it from the game.

If you have the update (version2) of the game installed, you should get the leaderboards if you are online.


Nigel said...

Heya Bram!

Still following your blog to begin with :) Disturbing that so many users jailbraked their iPhone and only use cracked apps. When you have to go to a store to buy a game for 65€, and then after playing for four hours you're done... yeah, there is something going wrong and people download illegal 'to make a point'. Right.

Now people like you develop games for a buck and still they don't want to pay for it.. pathetic. I must say that since the game industry uses platforms like Steam I buy more games then ever before. Games are cheaper, easy to get and even easier maintained. It finally pays of to pay ;)

Anyway, best of luck and congrats on the succes of your game productions!

Warmest regards,


Anonymous said...

Hoi Bram,

Tussen alle vakgenoten, spelers en kenners een bescheiden reactie van een vreemde eend in de bijt. Een leek en niet in het bezit van een iPhone of een iPot.
Het spel ziet er indrukwekkend en grappig uit. De tank blijft verrassen! En alle reacties... had je die verwacht?
Met de 3e versie wens ik je veel succes.

Amber said...

Hi Bram, My kids like the game too. Any change to blow stuff up and they are in!