Monday, July 6, 2009

Kayaks in Deep Cove

I recently went on a kayak trip with Amy and my colleagues Sandro and Goran. We rented some kayaks at Deep Cove. The kayak always reminds me of the classic Monty Python joke: what is the similarity between American beer and making love in a canoe? You can find the answer on youtube's recording of Monty Python at the Hollywood bowl (1982).

Anyway, back to the kayaks. It was a strenuous undertaking for which I did not have the upperbody strength. It was still fun though. T
he kayaks were fitted with a rudder, quite similarly operated as aircraft controls, which made things a little easier. I think rowing would suit me better, as it leverages your leg muscles, not just arm and torso.


Anonymous said...

Wat fantastisch in the Deep Cove...
Heerlijk, de natuur in Canada!
De rivieren die Nederland binnenstromen, hebben hun woeste karakter al ver achter zich gelaten... en stromen vredig de Noordzee in.
Nog een paar weken, dan kunnen we ook gaan genieten in je nieuwe home-land.

jacco said...

I didn't catch the association between that bloody canoe joke and the kayak, but crikey, I can tell you were in a bit of a playful mood there, mate! :-)

Bram Stolk said...

What an excuses sought by a poor boy who most of his time spent with keyboards and transports himself by car or motorcycle.
I cannot belief that you need a rudder to go straight with the canoe. Number one lesson is that the backseater shall be in perfect sync with the one in front....
It is a different story if you would have been sailing single handed the genuine Canadian Canoe, using just the one bladed paddle and sitting on your knee.

Ok better watch out, your old dad will race you next month....

Eeh Jacco ben je blond of weet je niet hoe Coors smaakt?