Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Orange lion rides the GSX-R

My mother brought me a little orange lion mascot. It is now riding along with me on my crotch rocket, with the manes in the wind. I watched parts of the first game via sopcast. I must admit, I did not wear an orange jersey to work, but that 3-0 really got me in the mood for this tournament. Slant Six Games is very international, at least half the programmers here have a non Canadian background. This means that there is some interest for soccer here.


jacco said...

The little bugger is known as the "welpie" and as a citizen of Zaandam I would like to apologise for the silly things coming out of Albert Heyn headquarters :-)

Brasto said...

Ik heb hier al minstens een SUZUKI zien rijden met de leeuw achterop

Anonymous said...

Bram j.r.
alles goed in Vancouver?
Je ziet het, deze link werkt dus ook.